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I just got an undeliverable email notice from one of the many email accounts I check (not on this domain), it contained a virus which was supposedly sent out from that email address. I scanned every file on my hard drive to make sure it wasn't from my machine (it wasn't). I suspect that when a virus sends itself out it also uses another email address in an attempt to avoid the infected person from being notified. My suggestion would be for everyone to scan their machine with the newest data definitions on a regular basis.
There is a new virus out called BugBear. I looked at a machine with the virus and what I found was it would seem normal except the antivirus software would not open, neither would the firewall (in this case Zone Alarm). It would give an error in the mprexe.exe file and lock up the machine. Symantec has a detailed explanation of the virus and a removal tool CLICK HERE . Symantec won't be the only source for this, it is simply the one I used. I again urge everyone to keep their anti virus updates current and NEVER open an attachment you aren't expecting, plus it is a good practice to scan any attachment before you open it.
Sobig.F is the latest variant of  yet another mass-mailing worm which exploits a vulnerability in the Microsoft Outlook e-mail client on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP platforms to replicate itself by mailing out messages with forged return addresses. has info and a link to a program to clean it HERE.
12/3/04 Looked at a machine today that was giving a problem with IE and Outlook Express. What I found was 2 viruses FunLove  (link goes to information on Symantec site) Removal tool here and I-Worm/Opas (link goes to information on Trend site) Removal tool here. AVG found both and said it healed them.
1/13/07 Got an email today about a virus threat. Said don't open emails titled invitation. It's a hoax. Read about it here
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Three Angels Freeware
Guide to free anti-virus software
Spybot Search & Destroy (I use this one)
Free removal tools (Netscape seems to have a problem but IE works ok) 
One of  the best firewall's available. Free for personal use. 
Zone Alarm
Stop PopUp Ads. I use this one from South Bay Software 
This is the one I use when I install Anti Virus Software 

AVG Antivirus Ver 8.5

Ad-Aware by Lavasoft. Good program (I use it along with Spybot) 
More Help here

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